Fighting in Karabakh. Phosphorus bombs, forest fires – update for November 3

03 November 2020

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ARMENIA – Since September 27, the Azerbaijani and Armenian armies have been fighting in the zone of the Karabakh conflict with the use of armored vehicles, artillery and drones.  Both sides accuse each other of shelling settlements.  Thousands of people have been killed among military servicemen and civilians on both sides.  An armistice was declared three times during this time – on October 10, 18 and 26, but each time it was immediately violated.  The parties accuse each other of non-compliance with the truce.

 Information from Baku

 • On November 2 and 3, battles continue, mainly in the Aghderin, Khojavend, Zangilan and Gubadli directions of the front.

 • There is shelling of Azerbaijani border towns from the territory of Armenia: from Berd, Chambarak and Vardenis regions of Armenia towards Tovuz, Gadabay and Dashkesan regions of Azerbaijan.

• Eight more settlements came under the control of the Azerbaijani army, president Ilham Aliyev claims.

 • According to Baku, in total 201 settlements have been taken under control. The Fizuli region has been  completely liberated (adjacent to Karabakh, was under the control of Armenian forces since the Karabakh war in the early 1990s).

 • The aide to the President of Azerbaijan accused Armenia of using phosphorus shells on October 8 in the battles in Fizuli region: “By accusing Azerbaijan of using these shells, Armenia is shifting the blame and trying to evade responsibility.”

Information from Yerevan

• On the night of November 3, there were battles in several directions, the Karabakh Defense Army retreated in a small area for tactical reasons.

• The attempt of the Azerbaijani army to advance in the southern direction (towards the border with Iran) was suppressed, the offensive in the northern direction was continued.

• All day on October 2, there were battles in the direction of the towns of Martakert and Martuni in Karabakh and in the south. Azerbaijani forces have increased their pressure.

• The Karabakh Defense Army successfully counterattacked in the south, but lost several positions in the direction of Martuni.

• In Karabakh, forest fires are intensifying, forests are deliberately set on fire by the Azerbaijani military from the air, for this purpose white phosphorus is being used.

• The Office of the Ombudsman of Karabakh reports that at least 1,815 hectares have already been burned down, an ecological disaster is taking place.

• The Ombudsman of Karabakh stated that “the Azerbaijani army is committing a war crime, arson is directed against the civilian population who is trying to hide in the forests from shelling.”

• The Armenian Foreign Ministry again stated that Turkey and Azerbaijan are attracting foreign terrorist fighters.

• Several hundred women with children held a rally near the US Embassy in Yerevan on October 2, demanding the war be stopped and the independence of Karabakh recognized.

• On November 1 and 2, the Russian President discussed by telephone with the leaders of Armenia and Azerbaijan the settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, the Kremlin’s official website reports.

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