More Forest Fires Affect Cape of Rodon and Vlora

08 September 2020

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ALBANIA – A forest fire has been reported near the popular tourist destination and beach, the Cape of Rodon in Durres.

The fire broke out in some bushes and quickly spread to the surrounding forest due to the dry conditions and wind. Firemen attended the scene and were able to bring the fire under control.

Another fire was reported yesterday in the South of the country. A fire in the forest of Poros, not far from Vlora was unable to be brought under control. Several hectares of trees and bushes have been affected and a large smoke cloud can be seen from Vlora.

There have been a significant number of forest fires throughout Albania this summer. Thousands of hectares of forest, bush, olive trees and orchards are believed to have been destroyed as firemen struggled to combat many of them. Due to difficult terrain, it was hard to access the areas on foot and they do not have the equipment needed to tackle the flames from the air.

The authorities have said they believe many of the fires were started on purpose, some with the intention of clearing land so it could then be developed.

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