Four forest fires surrounding Cancun out with help of heavy rains

12 May 2020

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MEXICO – Cancun, Q.R. — Heavy rains that hit the region over the past few days have helped douse several forest fires in the Benito Juárez municipality.

Head of Civil Protection, Antonio Riveroll Ribbon, said that at least four fires were extinguished with the help of Mother Nature over the weekend, noting that firefighters finally gained the upper hand due to the rain.

He reported that fires in the areas of Zona de Pozos, the Colonia Nuevo México, el Silbido and in el Pedregal, were finally put down.

“The fighting of these forest fires has been intense. In total 18 have been registered this season, of which only one is still active, which we hope will be put down in the next few hours,” said Riveroll Ribbon.

He added that the only remaining active fire is the one located in the Rancho El Faisán at kilometer 298 of Cancún-Mérida highway, which to date, has burned 140 hectares.

“We have 90 percent control and 65 percent liquidation in that last active fire. This weekend, the rains were of great help for the suffocation of four fires, but we must continue taking precautions to prevent more from arising,” he explained.

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