Zhytomyr region sees new forest fire outbreak spreading to nearby nature reserve

28 April 2020

Published by https://www.unian.info

UKRAINE – “A fire broke out on the grass flooring in Zhytomyr region‘s Olevsk district at about 15 o’clock Kyiv time today, then it spread to the forest of the Polissia nature reserve near the village of Rudnia-Perhanska,” the State Emergency Service of Ukraine said on April 28.

“In some places, it ran into a crown fire. Ground and aerial [firefighting] forces were engaged simultaneously,” it said.

Members of the emergency service managed to eliminate the crown fire thanks to aerial firefighting.

Work is under way to contain the burning of forest litter, stumps and wood. “Some 124 workers and 26 pieces of equipment were involved in the extinguishing of the fire. Of them, the State Emergency Service provided 59 workers and 14 units of equipment, including three An-32P aircraft,” it said.

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Only tentative plans are being discussed while two main dates are on the table: May 12 and May 18.

Ukraine is preparing for a phased easing of quarantine introduced over the COVID-19 epidemic.

The Health Ministry’s preliminary plan says parks, squares, recreation areas, hairdressers’ salons, stationery shops, car washes and bike shops, gyms, hotels, cinemas and theaters will be available to citizens from May 12.

Subways in three Ukrainian cities, as well as restaurants, cafes, and art facilities will fully reopen in late May and early June, the Ukrainian news outlet Obozrevatel reports.

Journalists claim the easing will only be applied to institutions adhering to public safety requirements. The plan will enter into force if the coronavirus rate in Ukraine doesn’t grow over 5% daily.

Since April 23, the rate hasn’t increased at a faster pace, so certain easing could be introduced from May 3. However, according to the Cabinet of Ministers, the first step can only be taken from May 12.

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