In the midst of the pandemic,Yucatan fights relentless forest fires

28 April 2020

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MEXICO – Forest fires in Yucatan have affected more than 1,767 hectares in recent days, forcing the National Forestry Commission, Civil Protection, the Fire Department and even municipal police from different municipalities to join forces.

Forming brigade teams, they have worked in coordination to fight an always dangerous enemy that is very difficult to control, mainly in a period of intense heat in Yucatan.

The labor has been colossal since the beginning of this fire season, Civil Protection personnel as well as municipal police officers have received several reports that have been taken care of in a timely manner.

Forest fires in Yucatan are more recurrent in the months of March, April and May, due to high temperatures, the wind, lack of rain and other factors that end up causing these fires to get out of control, consuming hectares of brush.

In recent weeks fires have been fought and controlled in many places: Sartenejas 2 with 307 hectares, Santa Cruz with 320, Cerro Noctunich with 8, on the grounds of the San Diego school with 30, Tekax-Kancab with 16 hectares

Also in Villas del Sol with one hectare, in Kantemo with 500, Vivah subdivision with 3, Ejido de Sudzal with 300, Kancab-Kantemó with 20, the Cerro Chimpollo Ticum with 260 and Tekax-Tixcuytun with 2 hectares.

The traditional burning season (time of the year in which lots are intentionally burned for agricultural purposes), started in March, but should have been suspended in April due to the health contingency, and now several fires have to be put out.

Due to this situation, the population is asked to avoid burning garbage, throwing cigarette butts, glass or other objects that could cause a fire.

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