BiH Armed Forces engaged in firefighting in Drvar municipality

19 March 2020

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BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA – The second helicopter squadron of the Armed Forces of BiH (AFBiH), located in the Rajlovac AFBiH barracks, was engaged today in the firefighting in the municipality of Drvar.

In the morning, the BiH Armed Forces were urgently requested to engage a UH-1H helicopter to extinguish a forest fire occurring in the wider Drvar municipality.

The helicopter units of the Armed Forces will continue their firefighting activities, continuing until the final localization of the fire, the BiH Ministry of Defense said.

In addition to tasks such as this, helicopter crews of the Second Helicopter Squadron of the Air Force and Air Defense Brigade (Air Force and Air Defense) of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina carry out other activities, such as the replacement of personnel at the Pločno radio-relay hub, on the Čvrsnica Mountain, which was carried out in parallel with the preparation for extinguishing fires.

With the involvement of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina for assisting civilian authorities in preventing and preventing the spread of coronaviruses, performing today’s tasks and working in specific snow and fires conditions, throughout the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, helicopter units of the AFBiH demonstrate their readiness and training in law enforcement support missions to civilian authorities during natural and other disasters.

MOBiH points out that this is the first mission this year to help civilian authorities extinguish fires.

“The BiH Armed Forces remain ready to assist the civilian population throughout the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in accordance with the legally mandated mission and depending on available capabilities,” the statement said.

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