Forest fire in three locations of Nallamala

20 February 2020

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INDIA – Nagarkurnool: Forest fires raged once again in the Nallamala forests and this time it was disastrous for the wild animals and bio-diversity of the forest, as the fires raged at three different locations (Mannanuru block, Domalapenta block and Farhabad block) on Wednesday afternoon. Shiva Swamys who enter the forest to reach Srisailam are alleged for the fires.

According to District Forest Officer Joji, as soon as the forest department had received information about fires, they tried their best to reach there on time and extinguish the fires with the limited staff available with them.

At least one square kilometre forest area was believed to be destroyed near Domalapenta village itself. Other major fire was in Mannanuru block and whereas the Farhabad fire was relatively small when compared to the other two forest fires.

It has been known that Shiva Swamys and the people who accompany them, enter the forest during this time, pay little heed to Forest Department’s directions about following a particular path and not to go wherever they wish to, en-route to Srisailam. They cook food inside the forest despite being told by the forest officials not to do so and other reason for using fire is to protect themselves from wild animals.

Unfortunately, it has become difficult for forest officials to regulate devotees, who care nothing about the forest despite the forest department trying to create maximum awareness among devotees not to cause fires inside the forest.

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