Fire destroys hectares of forest: Canadair are needed to stop the flames

25 February 2020

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ITALY – ACQUASANTA TERME – Two Canadair have also been involved in taming the fire that broke out late yesterday morning in the Acquasantano. The alarm went off around 1 pm when firefighters were called in to tame the flames in a wooded area in the hamlet of Novele di Acquasanta Terme. The stake involved a particularly impervious and difficult to reach forest area, so that the intervention of the two Canadians was therefore necessary.

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For about a couple of hours, the two planes shuttled between the Acquasantano and the Adriatic Riviera to refuel with sea water and then make several launches to put out the fire and thus prevent the fire front from spreading further. Nine firefighters also arrived on the site, including those from the detachment of Arquata del Tronto, who with the help of four vehicles were engaged for several hours in the extinguishing operations of the stake. Within a few hours, many hectares of forest and vegetation went up in smoke. On the causes that caused the fire in Novele, no hypothesis is excluded, not even that the origin could be malicious.


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