Almese: large forest fire in the Rivera pine forest

19 February 2020

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ITALY – ALMESE – The fire brigade of the Turin command are intervening in Almese for a forest fire. The central team together with the voluntary ones from Almese and Condove are facing the front of the flames. In focus there is the pine forest along the fire road in the Rivera hamlet. The area is impervious and the vegetation is very dry. There are also numerous AIB volunteers who are collaborating with different teams. To coordinate the actions there is a Director of shutdown operations. At this moment remediation actions are still ongoing.


The Forest Fire AIB are in the national framework law for the protection of forests from fires. This has entrusted the Regions with almost all of the forecasting tasks. So prevention and active fight against forest fires. Therefore, each year the regional administration has to fight fire. This is all the more dangerous because it hits, along with the woods. The whole system of benefits that derive from them. Pure air, natural beauty, an important safeguard for the territory against landslides and landslides. An economic resource for the populations of our mountains and hills. Against this enemy, the Piedmont regional government has sharpened its weapons, gradually creating, in the last 10 years, a real AIB system. It is able to intervene on forest fires effectively and efficiently.


Through the stipulation of special agreements, the Piedmont Region has brought together institutional and voluntary forces, under the same objective, as indicated by national legislation. The Piedmontese AIB system can count today on the technical support of the State Forestry Corps, the National Fire Brigade and on the heart, on the enthusiasm of the AIB Volunteer Corps of Piedmont, born just five years ago, but with far deeper roots than they sink in the sense of solidarity typical of mountain people and which, in recent years, has been able to evolve and improve its operational and professional capacity.


The very important role of the AIB Corps Volunteers has been enhanced by the regional administration. Through a path made of concrete actions and strong economic investments, which can be summarized in the identification of modern operational and management tools. In raising the technical and professional level of the operators. Thanks to special training courses. Therefore in the supply of intervention and individual protection tools. In this way, the regional government intended to recognize the unique value represented by the AIB Volunteer Service, and wanted to share the importance of the commitment that men and women of Piedmont make every day for the defense of the territory.

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