Scott Morrison, Anthony Albanese: New Year messages focus on brush fire

01 January 2020

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AUSTRALIA – Scott Morrison welcomed 2020 with the fact that Australia is “the most amazing country in the world” and at the same time admitted that the terrible bushfires were fatal.

Both Morrison and opposition leader Anthony Albanese made statements on the New Year.

The Prime Minister’s message, written with Ms. Jenny, focused on the bushfires, killing 11 people and destroying nearly 1,000 houses.

“I know it has been difficult in the past twelve months, especially given the terrible bush fires that killed so many Australians,” said Morrison.

“There was also the continuing drought and of course the floods last year.

“But the only thing we can always celebrate in Australia is that we live in the most amazing country on earth and the wonderful Australian spirit, which means that we always master all the challenges we face.”

media_cameraPrime Minister Scott Morrison said it was a “tough 12 month” but Australia was an “amazing country”. Picture: AAP

He added that the Australians are “always optimistic” about the future.

“Nowhere in the world is there a better place to raise children and we are so thankful that we can all live in this amazing country. We can always thank you for this as we enter this new year.”

Ms. Morrison urged the Australians to “be friendly to everyone who is due this year.”

Richard Di Natale, the leader of the Greens, criticized the prime minister on social media, saying that he was “not fulfilling his basic duty to protect our citizens” because “he was not responding adequately to climate change”.

In a series of Twitter posts on New Year’s morning, Mr. Di Natale targeted the prime minister.

“We cannot ignore the fact that Scott Morrison is failing to fulfill his basic duty to protect our citizens from harm because he does not respond adequately to these fires and refuses to accept that the burning of climate-changing fossil fuels becomes a more frequent and intense process Bushfire. ” he wrote.

However, we cannot ignore the fact that Scott Morrison does not fulfill his basic duty to protect our citizens from failing to respond adequately to these fires and refusing to accept that burning climate-changing fossil fuels leads to more frequent and more intense bush fires would lead

– Richard Di Natale (@RichardDiNatale) January 1, 2020

The Australian arm of the Extinction Rebellion campaign group, which was responsible for a series of protests related to climate change in 2019, has also hit Morrison.

A social media post was released this morning that included another quote from Mr. Morrison that “children growing up in Australia feel positive about their future” and should not be “needle-scared”.

It contrasted this with a picture of four children wearing gas masks that offer protection in a vehicle, while the red glow of the nearby bushfire envelops them.

Mr. Morrison said that climate change is associated with more extreme weather conditions. But just last week, he said there was no “credible suggestion” to link the current fires directly to a deteriorating climate.

“We need to take action against climate change and we take action against climate change,” he said on December 22.

However, climate change experts have criticized the government’s use of a so-called “gap” that allows it to use transmission credits from the Kyoto agreement to meet the Paris goals.

The New Year message from Anthony Albanese, the leader of media_cameraLabor, was written with his dog Toto.

Mr. Albanese started his message with a happy “G’day”. In the video he sits on a sofa with his dog Toto.

But his message was somber: While this time of year is usually a “time of joy”, it was a “challenging time” instead.

“I hope that the new year will make things easier for everyone dealing with the harsh reality of the bush fire crisis. I hope it will be easier for our brave firefighters who have been in danger for so many months, “he said.

“We think of those who lost their lives and their families during this extremely difficult period of mourning. We think of everyone who has lost their home.

“If you’ve had a hard time, I really hope your new year will be better.”

In conclusion, Mr. Albanese wished 2020 “health, happiness and everything you hope for”.

Originally published as PM’s New Year message, criticized

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