Firefighters continue to battle the forest fire near Bulgaria-Serbia border

30 October 2019

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BULGARIA/SERBIA – Firefighters continue to battle the wildfire raging in Bulgaria’s Stara Planina mountains (the Balkan mountains). The fire is burning on Bulgarian and Serbian territory. The spread of the flames has been limited in Chiprovtsi, but the situation remains serious in Serbia, where state of emergency has been declared at some places.

It is difficult to say what exactly is the situation in the Bulgarian part of the mountains, because the terrain is difficult for access. Smoke and thick fog can be seen.

More than 150 people including firefighters, military and volunteers continue the efforts to extinguish the fire. In Serbia, it is raging in an area which is exceptionally difficult to access and no tyoe of vehicle can get there. Firefighters reach the area after walking for two hours. Helicopters are also used.

State of emergency has been declared in the mountainous part of Bosilegrad in Serbia and in parts of Targovishte municipality in Bulgaria. Several elderly people, who live by themselves, have been evacuated as a prevention measure.

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