Forest fires across Israel, Firefighting planes deployed

26 August 2019

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ISRAEL – Several firefighting teams across Israel have been working since Monday afternoon to extinguish three forest fires in Beit Shemesh, Mt. Yaaran and Kfar Mash’had.

Houses in Beit Shemesh were been evacuated following a forest fire raging in the city’s Geffen Park, which has now been deemed contained. Ten firefighting teams and two firefighting planes were sent to the area. Police have evacuated nearby residents from their homes as a precautionary measure, fearing smoke inhalation, though no property damage is expected. Roads that had been blocked off have been reopened and residents have been told that it is safe to return to their homes.

The wildfire in the Mt. Yaaran hiking path, near Route 375, is not yet under control. Eleven firefighting teams and six firefighting planes have been deployed to help extinguish the flames.

The wildfire in the village of Kfar Mash’had has been contained, and is most likely the result of dry thorns catching fire. Eight firefighting teams and two firefighting planes were sent to the area. No injuries or casualties have been reported. As a precautionary measure, police and firefighters evacuated 15 houses near the wildfire.

The cause for the Beit Shemesh and Mt. Yaaran wildfires is as of yet unknown.

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