Big fire in Lavrio: In progress but with better image

27 June 2019

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GREECE – The fire is in progress at Lavrio, however, according to the Fire Department, at this time it is better to see and there is no single front.

However, the firefighters’ work is hampered by the large volume of fuel, mainly pruning branches, which were stacked there, so that, as well as the extinguishing of firefighting vehicles, it has begun refilling with special machinery in order to turn off the flames.

Also, as specified by the Fire Brigade, there was no danger for the Greek Arms Industry facilities, which was protected by the fire brigades, so it was not considered necessary by the chief to evacuate. According to information, however, the officials began to leave, probably with the permission of the management.

All forces remain in the place of fire until they are put under control.

It is noted that yesterday, from 06.00 to 06.00, there were a total of 33 agro-forest fires all over the Territory, which were immediately dealt with at their initial stage.

The most severe was in Karystos, which was under control in the morning, but powerful fire-fighting forces remain in the area to completely extinguish the fire.
Patrols all over Greece

Due to the increased risk of a fire occurring today (in Attica, Boeotia, Evia, Argolida, Corinthia and Chios, the map gives class 4), morning patrols of aerial surveillance in various areas of the country, as well as mixed patrols from firefighting, police and military forces.

The Fire Department, in order to prevent fires from negligence, recalls that in the summer months:

We do not burn litter or dry grass and branches in the open air

Avoid outdoor work that may cause a fire (welding, wheel or other sparking tool)

We do not light outdoor grills in the woods or in dry grasslands

We never throw burning cigarettes outdoors

Sparks caused by the evaporation of all types of vehicles can cause a fire

At the same time, it invites citizens, in the event of a fire, to immediately notify the Fire Service to the telephone number 199.

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