Fire reported at Hidalgo National Park

01 May 2019

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MEXICO – An intense forest fire occurred this Wednesday in the Los Mármoles National Park, located in the Sierra Gorda de Hidalgo, where at least two hectares of species have been affected.

According to personnel of the Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources of Hidalgo (Semarnat), on the site are fighters from the unit, as well as the National Forestry Commission (Conafor) and volunteers.

According to the agency, access to the area is complicated, which is why the brigadistas have had difficulty controlling the fire.

It was reported that they were neighbors of the Camposanto community of El Oro, in the municipality of Zimapan, who support the fighters in fear of the fire spreading to their homes.

Until the weekend, in Hidalgo there had been reported 89 forest fires, which occurred from January 1 to April 26.

Of the affectations reported this year only 52.5 correspond to adult trees; while to shrub correspond 600 hectares, to trees of renewal 153 and to herbaceous 58 hectares.

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