Kaffrine: 33 bushfires in 2019 against 56 in 2018

18 April 2019

SENEGAL – Kaffrine, Apr 18 (APS) – The Kaffrine region (center) has recorded 33 cases of bush fires this year that have ravaged 1595,25 hectares of land, said Thursday Lieutenant-Colonel Oulimatou Faye, chief of the regional service of Kaffrine. water and forests.

Their number fell by 23 cases compared to 2018, when 3399, 89 ha were washed away by 56 fires, he noted during a meeting to coordinate the activities of the regional development committee (CRD).

“As of April 15, 2019, we are in 33 cases of fires for 1595.25 hectares burned,” she said. She recalled that last year there were 56 bushfires for 3399, 89 hectares devastated.

“So, we currently have a 70% drop in area burned,” she said at a meeting chaired by Amadou Matar Cisse, deputy governor in charge of administrative affairs, in the presence of the department heads. and administrative authorities.

According to Lt. Col. Faye, ” these bush fires are often caused by negligence noted as a result of land clearing, and by transhumants who come to camp in the Kaffrine area without putting out the fire behind them ”.

” These fires are caused by carelessness during clearing. They also come from the clandestine exploitation of charcoal and travelers who throw their cigarette butts on the roads or in the forest ”, she explained.

Of the 33 cases of bushfires recorded in the Kaffrine area in 2019, ” only two have been reported, ” she lamented. “We are asking the people to denounce the actors of the bush fires. And, we call on partners to support village equipment control committees to deal with these natural disasters, “said Lt. Col. Faye.

According to him, ” the area burned by bush fires has been reduced this year in the Kaffrine region, thanks to the quick response of stakeholders ”. And to congratulate the people of Kaffrine who she said ” are beginning to understand the effects of bushfires ”.

“Their speed in the reaction has pushed us to reduce by 70% the area burned compared to the year 2018 at the same time,” she said.

She also called on local authorities Kaffrine and Koungheul ” to think about participating in the fuel bank for, she said, more fight against bush fires. ”


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