Fire in Campeche is destroying one of the most important nature reserves

16 April 2019

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MEXICO – On Sunday, a forest fire broke out in the Los Petenes Biosphere Reserve, exactly in the municipality of Kobén, Campeche. In the first instance the fire was controlled, but the climatic conditions of the region rekindled it. As a result, some animals sought refuge in the inhabited areas.

When noticing the fire both the municipal authorities and the National Forestry Commission were given the task of eradicating the incident in the Los Petenes reserve. The forest fire has been fought from two fronts.

Of the first they took charge Municipal Civil Protection, State Protection and the Red Cross. In this area the fire has been controlled in its entirety. The second front has been fought both by elements of the National Forestry Commission (CONAFOR) and by the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas (CONAP). In this area the fire is still alive, but with less intensity. In case the mentioned measures do not seem sufficient, different elements of the CONAFOR monitor the evolution of the fire with a drone.
Forest fire in Campeche. Image: Twitter
Forest fire in Campeche. Image: Twitter

After eradicating the fire on the first front, elements of the CONAFOR were given the task of reviewing the conditions of the lands affected by the fire. During the tour they verified that the mangrove zone did not suffer any damage. However, at least 300 hectares of pastureland and tular were destroyed by the disaster.
CONAFOR reviews the affected areas. Image: Twitter.
CONAFOR reviews the affected areas after the fire.
Image: Twitter.

The loss of fauna in this reserve is not yet calculated, but some citizens surrounding the area said that various animals sought shelter from fire in areas inhabited by settlers. Recall that the fauna of this area is populated by crocodiles, alligators, white-tailed deer and anteaters, among others. That is why it is estimated that the loss is zero or, failing that, has no impact on its permanence and development in the region.

Although the authorities use all their resources to fight the fire, there are areas of difficult access that do not allow them to carry out the protocol in front of this type of incidents. Factors such as pollution and climate make the fire reignite or difficult to mitigate. Even motorists have been affected since the federal highway Campeche-Mérida has been covered in smoke and ash. The authorities have declared that the control and monitoring work will continue until the fire has been eradicated.

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