Forest-fires wreaking havoc on wildlife population in Miri

05 APRIL 2019
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MYANMAR – MIRI: The forest-fires raging in jungles and bushland in parts of Sarawak are wrecking havoc on the wildlife population.

Mammals like monkeys and reptiles like snakes and monitor lizards, some of them very big in size, are encroaching into human settlements in their bid to escape the wildfires.

In Miri, fire-fighters have to help rescue these wildlife, as well as capture them if they enter into residential estates.

Miri Fire and Rescue Department chief Supt Law Poh Kiong said fire-fighters battling wildfires in the numerous locations had to also deal with these runaway wildlife if they encounter them.

In his latest updates, he posted pictures of firemen catching big snakes and monitor lizards that had escaped into residential areas from the burning sites.

Fire-fighters are working continuously to tackle wildfires in several districts, especially in Miri, Kuala Baram and the Similajau National Park.

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