The flames are back on Vesuvius: a striking fire, a helicopter in action

07 March 2019

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ITALY – HERCULANEUM. Fear of Mount Vesuvius, helicopter flies over the National Park: fire of weeds, firemen and forest workers at work. The aircraft that flies over Vesuvius brings to mind the tragic summer of 2017 when several canadair intervened, also from France, to extinguish fires that sent hundreds of hectares of Mediterranean scrub into smoke. So people and activists, including Don Marco Ricci, from the parish of the Sacred Heart of Jesus inside the park, were immediately worried and went to check what was happening.

This is a fire of weeds, in via Vesuvio in Ercolano, which a helicopter and some fire-brigade vehicles are extinguishing in these hours. Also warned or foresters of the Torre del Greco station that ensure that the stake is being extinguished and remediation is underway. It appears to be a culpable fire resulting from a burning of plant residues “. On the spot in addition to the fire brigade, or forest police officers. Now we need to understand how the scrub burned.

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