#BREAKING: Bemboka bushfire brought under control

#BREAKING: Bemboka bushfire brought under control

27 September 2018

Published by https://www.begadistrictnews.com.au/


After the fire started on August 15, it spread through the surrounding area and into the Wadbilliga National Park, eventually covering almost 20,000ha by the time it was contained on the afternoon of Thursday, September 27.

The bushfire destroyed four homes, including three on Desert Creek Rd at Numbugga, and damaged one other.

Furthermore, 42 outbuildings were destroyed and 15 were damaged.

More than 130 homes close to the bushfire were protected due to the incredible efforts of firefighters from the NSW Rural Fire Service, Fire and Rescue NSW, National Parks and Wildlife Service and Forestry.

The RFS announced the news on its website at 5pm on Thursday, stating firefighters would continue to check for any hot spots across the fireground and patrol all edges of the fire. This work will continue over the coming weeks.

More to come.

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