The Guardian; a new aerial approach to fighting wildfires

The Guardian; a new aerial approach to fighting wildfires

26 July 2018

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USA – A local product made right here in Fresno is having an impact on fire fighting efforts overseas.

These boxes, dropped out of the back of planes around the world, could be the next big thing for fire fighting.

It’s called the Guardian. 1000 of these 4-foot sq boxes are currently being used by the Romanian Air Force to help fight the wild fires in Greece and soon the manufacturers want it to be used right here in our backyard.

Lined up and ready to rain on roaring fires. Here you see 16 4-foot metric ton water drops falling out of Romanian Air Force planes Wednesday morning as they help fight fires in Greece.

Once they’re out of the plane’s cargo hold, parachutes deploy and water is dropped on fire hot spots. It’s a whole new approach to aerial fire fighting.

The Guardian is used across Europe but made right here in the Central Valley.

“The uniqueness of it is it can go onto any cargo air craft safely, then the aircraft can now fly higher and at a fast speed speed and be at the fires at a safer altitude. It’s about 42% more payload than current tank systems,” said Goddard.

Caylym Technologies International makes the product. Managing Director Rick Goddard says right now production is booming after they sent thousands to Romania and Italy’s Air Forces. Up next is Slovakia, Portugal and Spain,

“They were getting ready for a big fire season, they felt with the conditions in Europe they needed to increase training, ” said Goddard.

But as he watches crews from across California fight the Ferguson Fire in Mariposa.

“As we are loading the containers going over seas seeing the smoke come over our building it is ironic at best,” he stated.

Goddard says wants to see his product helping protect his home. Caylym is currently working to have the Guardian approved here in the state of California and hopefully being used by this fall.

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