Ammunition explodes at forest fire at A14 highway

Ammunition explodes at forest fire at A14 highway

05 July 2018

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GERMANY – In the whole of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern fields and fields are currently burning. A forest fire in Groß Laasch on the A14 is life-threatening for firefighters. Again and again ammunition explodes. The A14 was blocked.

Several hectares of field and forest have flared up in Groß Laasch (Ludwigslust-Parchim district). The fire broke out on Wednesday for unknown reasons, a fire department spokesman said Thursday.

He was under control. However, the firefighters had to withdraw from the field in the meantime, because there were always ammunition remnants from the Second World War exploded in the ground. For the emergency services, there was a danger to life during the firefighting. How much ammunition is still in the forest, however, is unknown.

A14 blocked because of smoke

Because they can no longer enter the forest, the firefighters delete now with a fire cannon from 70 meters away. In addition, they have requested a helicopter from the Home Office.

The highway 14 had to be closed because of the strong smoke near the place of employment. The suspension is expected to last until the afternoon. The extinguishing work in the forest probably last the whole day.

At first a mown field had been on fire. The fire then spread to an adjacent forest area. The great heat of the fire finally ignited some duds scattered around the bottom of the forest.

What happens to all the burnt fields? The fires have consequences for the farmers, but also for the farmland.

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