Forest fire near Syria

Forest fire near Syria

02 July 2018

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TURKEY – Syria’s border with Turkey near the city of Latakia began yesterday in rural forest fire damage occurred in approximately 5 hectares.

According to the information, according to the Bashar Assad regime, after the attack of the opposition groups against Bayırbucak Türkmendağı region in control, the fire started yesterday in the wooded area near the village of Murtlu and Kelez lost their effect in the morning hours.

No intervention made by fire, about 3 kilometers from the border with Turkey was in self-extinguishing.

Ahmet Vezir, President of Bayrambucak Turkmen Association, told AA correspondent that the regime forces had a forest fire in two places after the attack on the region and that they could not intervene in the fires with security concerns.

Vezir noted that the flames lost their effect and spontaneously quit, recording about 5 hectares of woodland damage in the fire.

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