12 thousand hectares consumed by the forest fire in Capayán

12 thousand hectares consumed by the forest fire in Capayán

 22 November 2017

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ARGENTINA: The Forest Fire Brigade continues to focus on the igneous focus unleashed on the Ambato cordon, in the towns of San Pedro and Las Palmas, Capayán department, which has already consumed 12,000 hectares.

Although the fire was controlled in the area, it spread to the Pomán department, so today they will begin work.

In the Capayán area, the Municipality, through different areas, made a survey of those affected.

Based on that, they were able to establish that there is no risk for housing in the town of San Pedro.

Also, Civil Defense and the Forest Fire Brigade personnel were working all day yesterday.

Given the situation, the mayor of Capayán, Alfredo Hoffmann, along with the delegate of San Pedro and the secretary of Social Action, Marta Cuestas, were in the area talking with neighbors and brigadistas to learn about the situation.

In the area there was also personnel from program area 4. José Soria, director of the Roberto Ramón Carro hospital in the city of Chumbicha, said: “The truth is that we were very worried when we received the alert call, as there were people evacuated and we wanted to know the correct information. That’s why we mobilized an ambulance with staff to be sure about whether families needed health care. ”

For his part, the head of the Forest Fire Brigade, Cristian Velárdez, said that “the good news is that in the area of ​​San Pedro the fire would be controlled; We do not have any kind of activity where we fly over the area. On the other hand, yesterday (on Monday) we already announced that it was going to be extended to Pomán and that has already happened. We had coordination with the people of the department so that we can start working on tomorrow (for today), more than anything if this continues because still where it would be is a very high area and difficult to access. These days, in the area of ​​Capayán we did the same thing and once it descended it was possible to work and control it “.

“So far, in what was done the survey and take about 12 thousand hectares consumed. This is likely to increase because the fire is still active, despite the presence of cloudiness in the area helped the fire is not as long, because yesterday (Monday) with high temperatures It had a length of 10 kilometers and the heat greatly favored the consumption of so much surface, “he said.

In addition, he added: “Although there will be presence of cloudiness in the area, there is no significant rainfall. However, the cloudiness helps us to be able to work, since when there are high temperatures it is difficult and punishes the fighters a lot, so being cool you can have more chances of being able to control it. All the staff was affected; We also ask for collaboration from Volunteer Firemen of Pomán, from Andalgalá, from Siján. We are also coordinating with El Rodeo firefighters. ”

Finally, Cristián Velárdez indicated that “while we are doomed to this great fire, there are simultaneous fires, for example in the Central Valley, Palo Labrado, in the area of ​​Quebrada de Moreira; that is to say, there are many fires that we have per day and sometimes the personnel can not cope. ”

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