Three wildfires burning in Glacier National Park

Three wildfires burning in Glacier National Park

06 October 2017

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CANADA: With the fire season winding down in the mountains, Parks Canada continues to monitor three wildfires in Glacier National Park.

The Mountain Creek, Prairie Hill and Incomappleux fires are “still smouldering in some area” said a Parks Canada press release, but “pose no rick to people or assets.”

The Mountain Creek fire is about 1944 hectares in size, while the Prairie Hill wildfire is about 3420 hectares and the Incomappleux wildfire is 780 hectares.

The Beaver Valley trails and area remains closed.

Of the 29 wildfires that the Mount Revelstoke and Glacier National Parks fire management team responded to this summer, 22 were lightning-causes and seven were illegal campfires.

Crews are currently clearing trees and brush in Mount Revelstoke National Park in preparation for a prescribed burn. The Parkway Bend prescribed burn is supposed to “create a landscape level fuel break limiting the potential spread of wildfire on the front face of Mount Revelstoke,” said the release.

Tree and brush clearing is also taking place lower on the mountain for wildfire risk reduction.

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