Forest fire warning to mountain visitors

Forest fire warning to mountain visitors

11 August 2017

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Cyprus – The forestry department appealed to the public to be extra vigilant during the long weekend when a record number of people are expected to travel to the mountains and to provide the department with any possible help both by adopting preventive measures and by fighting fires.

“Igniting a fire without permission in or at a distance of up to two kilometres from a forest constitutes an offence which according to the Forest Law of 2012 is punishable by imprisonment for up to five years, a fine of up to € 25,000 or both,” the department warned.

In order to avoid causing a fire accidentally, people are asked to refrain from using tools for welding or cutting metals in open spaces.

Anybody who observes persons lighting a fire or taking an action which could cause one should try to stop them from doing so and contact the forestry department immediately.

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