1,345 Chinese firefighters tackle blaze that spread from Russia

  1,345 Chinese firefighters tackle blaze that spread from Russia

02 May 2017

published by http://www.scmp.com

Russia / China – More than 1,300 firefighters were deployed to fight a forest fire in northern China over the weekend after it spread from Russia.

The blaze burned across the border and into Inner Mongolia, requiring a 1,345-strong force of officers and seven helicopters to help put it out, according to the People’s Daily.

As of Monday evening, the fire in the Daxing’anling prefecture area – a mountainous, forested region – stretched 600 metres along the area of the China-Russia border.

The fire was gradually weakening, according to the report.

The suspected forest fire was first reported on Sunday.

By early morning on Monday, aircraft observed that the forest fire had spread across the border.

Due to the intensity of the smoke from the blaze, flights were restricted near the Chinese border with Russia, according to the media outlet Phoenix.

Internet users in China voiced their support for the firefighters on Monday, wishing them luck in putting out blaze.

“Good effort, firefighters,” one wrote.

Another commented: “Support the dedication of the firefighters. Working hard on Labour Day!”

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