The smokey generation’s road trip

The smokey generation’s road trip

04 April 2017

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USA — We are so excited to announce our first ever ‘Fire Stories’ road trip – launching this Friday! Bethany, the founder, will be hitting the road to collect interviews and stories from wildland firefighters in Idaho, Oregon, and Northern California. We hope it will be the first of many trips designed to capture, preserve, and share the stories and oral histories of wildland fire throughout the United States. BUT, we need your support! If you can kick in a few dollars to help cover the hotels along the route, please check out our GoFundMe campaign!

These stories and histories are so important to the wildland fire community. Even a $5 donation will help us capture more interviews. Show your support by spreading the word!

What is The Smokey Generation? (They offer a description:)

The Smokey Generation is an oral history and digital storytelling project dedicated to collecting, preserving, and sharing the stories and history of wildland fire. We are passionate about the wildland fire community and culture, celebrating it everyday. We are excited about communicating the beneficial role of fire in the environment and encouraging conversations about how to better use fire as a land management tool. We are committed to giving a voice to wildland fire and fire practitioners in a way that honors our history and proudly demonstrates our relationship to fire and the natural world. Check us out at:

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