Great zimbabwe community elders panic over veld fires

Great zimbabwe community elders panic over veld fires

30 March 2017

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Zimbabwe —  A group of community elders has called for the outside world to help in safeguarding the Great Zimbabwe World Historic Cultural Heritage Site which has since been endangered by environmental hazards.

A presentation by Environmental Management Agency’s (EMA) Brian Makani revealed that the monument’s life span was under threat from unprotected litter, lanatana camara and veiled fires.

“People may undermine the effect of environmental hazards as lanatana camara, litter and veld fires but these will shorten the lifespan of the historic sight. This warning should be taken seriously considering the fact that veld fires have already showed how destructive they are after this site was attacked by a fire last year,” Makani warned.

Village elders who run the ruin’s Great Zimbabwe Management Committee have however appealed with relevant stakeholders to help safeguard the site.

“This home is of great importance to us and besides the noted dangers, we have on the other hand seen the deteriorating Dhaka structures which hold the explanatory value of what happened on these ruins.

“As much as we want to safeguard this home left to us by our forefathers, we do not have the expertise. We therefore call upon relevant stakeholders available to come forward and help us safeguard this home,” said the committee’s chairperson; William Shangwa.

“Maintenance of these ruins will not only help the community but the nation at large as it is a major tourist attraction in Zimbabwe,” Shangwa added.

Great Zimbabwe Ruins, which has been proclaimed a National Monument and a World Heritage Site, lies 27 km southeast of the modern town of Masvingo, and 7 km to the west of Lake Mutirikwe.

The ruins are also the largest ancient structure south of the Sahara and second only to the Pyramids of Egypt in size and grandeur.

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