Highest number of forest fires this year: govt

Highest number of forest fires this year: govt

24 January 2017

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India —   JAMMU: The state government on Monday informed the house that the year 2016-17 witnessed highest number of forest fire incidents.

In 2016-17 (ending December), 781 forest fire incidences were reported as compared to 214 in 2015-16, 470 in 2014-15, and 278 in 2013-14.

“This year (2016-17) has been an extra ordinary year in the sense that snowfall in last winter has been nominal and this has been followed by a long uninterrupted dry spells which has broken the records of decades. This has resulted in unprecedented accidental fires which has given torrid time to the Department to douse the same,” the government said.

Of the 781 incidents, 289 fire incidents took place in Kashmir region and 492 in Jammu region.

“Keeping in view the global changes that are taking place, the department has formulated a Fire Management Plan for Rs 52.98 crore for implementation during three years (2017-18, 2018-19,2019-20) under World Bank Jehlum Tawi Flood Management project,” the government said.

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