Wildfire kills animals in ruma park as staff struggle to put it out

Wildfire kills animals in ruma park as staff struggle to put it out

22 January 2017

published by http://www.nation.co.ke

Kenya — Efforts to put out wildfire in Ruma National Park that has killed animals and destroyed huge tracks of vegetation are ongoing.

The fire broke out on Friday evening and has affected areas in Sigama, God Nyoyo and Rachar in Ndhiwa – Homa Bay County.

Senior Warden Felix Mwangangi said they suspected the fire was as a result of a resident burning dry plants in a farm.

“We have traced the origin of the fire and discovered it emanated from outside the park.

“We suspect it was caused by someone who lit fire to clear a farm,” Mr Mwangangi said.

He said the inferno is spreading fast and more animals are likely to die.

So far those that have died include snakes and frogs.

The senior warden said they have called for reinforcements from wardens in other parks in Nyanza region.

Mr Mwangangi said that since most of the plants are dry, they have caught fire easily making the situation worse.

“The fire was very little while spreading into the park but it turned dangerous because most of the plants are dry. We have tried to put it out with no success due to the dry weather afflicting the park,” he added.

Additionally, he said poaching will take place owing to the destruction of fences by the fire.

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