Gen. bancha duriyaphan presided over wildfire prevention project in chiang rai

Gen. bancha duriyaphan presided over wildfire prevention project in chiang rai

01 January 2017

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Thailand —  CHIANG RAI – Maj. Gen. Bancha Duriyaphan, Commanding General of the 37th Military Circle presided over the wildfire prevention project at Doe Insee Temple in Mueang Chiang Rai district.

Gen. Duriyaphan and officials from the Department of Natural Resources and the Environment (DNRE) in Chiang Rai united to build firebreaks at wildfire hot-spots in tribute to HM the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

Amnat Jermlae, director of the Chiang Rai Office for Natural Resources and the Environment said wildfire and haze had been worsening since 2007, killing a large number of wild animals and causing pollution problems.

Saying that although villagers and monks have tried to prevent and mitigate wildfires, the situation has yet to improve.

Relevant agencies this year plan to carry out a series of activities with the local people to revive the ecosystem, including replanting trees and building check dams in community forests, disposing of flammable trees as well as growing coffee or tea or other economically-important plants that can serve as firebreaks.

In addition, bushfire-control volunteers will form patrol teams to monitor risk-prone spots.

On Dec 29th, Governor Boonsong Techamaneesatit asked local administrative organizations and community leaders to relay the policy to local residents, so that the problems of wildfire and smog can be solved efficiently.

The provincial administration has planned to impose a 60-day ban on burning activities from February 17th to April 17th, during which environmental laws will be strictly enforced.

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