His majesty the king awards individuals and organisations with national order of merit

His majesty the king awards individuals and organisations with national order of merit

18 Deceember 2016

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Bhutan —   The solemn and celebrative atmosphere in Sherubling turned emotional when His Majesty The King announced a posthumous award for late Tshultrim, a tour guide who lost his life in his attempt to save the life of a tourist.

The incident occurred in Mebartsho, Tang in November last year.

Late Tshultrim’s father, Phuchey from Bongo, received the National Order of Merit (Gold) award. The tall, lanky elderly man, who could barely communicate, said it was an honour for him to receive the medal from His Majesty The King and he would keep the medal as the main treasure of his house.

“I never got the opportunity to see His Majesty The King in person until now. But today, I had this privilege because of my late son,” Phuchey said.

Phuchey added that although he lost a son in his prime age, he is proud of him, as he not only tried to selflessly save someone’s life but also because his deed was recognised by His Majesty The King.

Late Tshultrim was Phuchey’s youngest of four children. Phuchey has two daughters and a son.

His Majesty The King also awarded the National Order of Merit (Gold) to Chuma Tshering Wangchuk Drukpa, Rebecca Pradhan and Carolyn Tshering.

Chuma Tshering Wangchuk Drukpa, 28, is a fire fighter with the Royal Bhutan Police. His Majesty The King said he was recognised for his bravery and commitment in the line of duty.

Chuma Tshering Wangchuk Drukpa from Dorokha in Samtse sustained head injuries while he was detailed to contain a forest fire above Yangchenphu School in Thimphu in 2012.

He also sustained injuries on October 16 this year while containing a fire in Mongar town.

Chuma Tshering Wangchuk suffered from broken ribs while trying to stop the fire from spreading to the Bhutan Oil Distributor fuel depot. He fell from a three-storey traditional house.

“Despite the traumatic experience, Chuma Tshering Wangchuk has continued to demonstrate bravery and displays the same commitment to his duty,” a press release from the Royal Office of Media stated.

Chuma Tshering Wangchuk said the award will inspire him to work harder. “I am so happy today.” He pointed out that he cannot stand still in a situation when help is needed.

Rebecca Pradhan, a senior ecologist of the Royal Society for Protection of Nature (RSPN) was recognised for her dedicated services and contributions to Bhutan’s conservation efforts and environment.

She said despite winning many awards, this is the most special award of her life, as it is a recognition from His Majesty The King.

She received many international and Bhutanese awards for her services that have had an impact not only in Bhutan but also abroad.

This year, she was recognised as one of the 15 global Hotspot Heroes of 2016 by the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF) in conjunction with the World Conservation Congress.

Rebecca Pradhan said the award is an indication that she will further excel in her profession of protecting the environment, as it will encourage her to work harder.

She said she didn’t expect the award and was surprised. “Besides my usual conservation work, I will now focus more on educating and creating awareness among people on conservation of environment and ecology, which are important parts of our lives.”

An educator, Carolyn Tshering, was recognised for her lifetime of service in the field of education.

She came to Bhutan in 1966 on the invitation of his Late Majesty the Third King and Her Majesty the Royal Grandmother and has since served as an English tutor for the Royal Children. She has also taught in various schools in the country and continues to display immense commitment and passion for education to this day, the Royal Office of Media press release states.

Carolyn Tshering said she is extremely honoured and it was the most exciting day of her life. “Anything I have achieved in education was because of the wonderful teaching colleagues and I dedicate this award to them.”

Meanwhile, His Majesty The King also awarded National Order of Merit (Gold) to seven educators from the education ministry, Royal University of Bhutan, and Khesar Gyalpo University of Medical Sciences for their exemplary services to the nation in the field of education for excellence in leadership and management.

Nineteen teachers from the education ministry, a senior instructor of the Royal Institute of Management and a senior medical laboratory technician and clinical tutor and teaching coordinator from Khesar Gyalpo University of Medical Sciences were awarded the National Order of Merit (Silver) for their exemplary services to the nation in the field of education for excellence in teaching.

An associate professor and head of the medicine department was awarded the National Order of Merit (Bronze) in recognition of his exemplary services to the nation in the field education for excellence in teaching.

His Majesty The King also awarded the National Order of Merit (Gold) to 23 Public Benefit Organisations in recognition of their services to the nation in volunteering and putting effort towards humanitarian values, maintaining culture and tradition and national objectives; for working passionately and tirelessly for the benefit of others; for taking on the responsibility to provide support and assistance wherever the government is not able to reach, and for keeping alive the sacred values of compassion and empathy.

109th National Day Awardees


National Order of Merit, Gold:

Ministry of Education

Dorji Nidup, Principal, Lhuentse Higher Secondary School

Jigme Yangtse, Principal, Jigme Sherubling Central School

Dawa Tshering, Principal, Damphu Central School

Royal University of Bhutan

Dr. Tashi Gyeltshen, Senior Lecturer, Samtse College of Education

Dr. Tshewang Lhendup, Dean of Academic Affairs, College of Science and Technology

Lopen Chorten Tshering, Assistant Professor, Institute of Language and Culture Studies

Khesar Gyalpo University of Medical Sciences of Bhutan

Dr. Phurb Dorji, Professor and Head of Gynecology Department

National Order of Merit, Silver:

Ministry of Education

Kinley Sithu, Teacher, Gelephu Higher Secondary School

Samdrup Tshering, Teacher, Rangjung Central School

Pelden, Shaba Primary School

Tshering Chezom, Teacher, Khuruthang Middle Secondary School

Sonam Phuntsho, Teacher, Punakha Higher Secondary School

Bal Bahadur Powrel, Teacher, Rinchengang Primary School

Mani Bomzan, Teacher, Changangkha Middle Secondary School

Lobzang Choden, Teacher, Lhuentse Primary School

Tashi Zangmo, Teacher, Wangdicholing Lower Secondary School

Sonam Choki, Teacher, Kheni Lower Secondary School

Dechen Wangmo, Teacher, Gasa Primary School

Sonam Zangmo, Teacher, Phuentsholing Higher Secondary School

Deo Kumar Thingh, Teacher, Gyelpozhing Central School

Yangzom, Teacher, Sherubling Central School

Karma Phuntsho, Teacher, Sherubling Central School

Ugyen Wangchuk, Teacher, Jigme Sherubling Central School

Tika Ram Subba, Teacher, Nangkor Central School

BIrkha Bahadur Gurung, Teacher, Dekiling Lower Secondary School

Kuenzang Wangmo, Teacher, Thrisa Primary School

Royal Institute of Management

Mani Tshering, Senior Instructor

Khesar Gyalpo University of Medical Sciences of Bhutan

Karma Tshering, Sr. Medical Laboratory technician and Clinical Tutor and Teaching Coordinator

National Order of Merit, Bronze:

Dr. Guru Prasad Dhakal, Associate Professor and Head of Medicine Department, an associate professor of the Khesar Gyalpo University of Medical Sciences of Bhutan.


National Order of Merit, Gold:

Ability Bhutan Society

BAOWE (Bhutan Association of Women Entrepreneurs)

BCMD (Bhutan Centre for Media and Democracy)

Bhutan Animal Rescue and Care

Bhutan Cancer Society

Bhutan Kidney Foundation

Bhutan Nuns Foundation

Bhutan Toilet Organization

Bhutan Youth Development Fund

Chithuen Phenday Association

Clean Bhutan

Draktsho Vocational Centre for Special Children and Youth

Jangsa Animal Saving Trust


Lhomon Society

Music of Bhutan Research Centre

RENEW (Respect, Educate, Nurture, & Empower Women)

Royal Society for Protection of Nature (RSPN)

Royal Textile Academy

SABAH Bhutan (SAARC Business Association for Home-Based Workers)

Tarayana Foundation

The Loden Foundation

VAST (Voluntary Artists’ Studio of Thimphu)

Tashi Dema

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