Nuclear science for recharging water flow, good use of forest fire

Nuclear science for recharging water flow, good use of forest fire

02 Deceember 2016

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India — DEHRADUN: A delegation of Bhabha Atomic Centre, headed by director BS Tomar, gave presentations over use of nuclear science for social service at HESCO centre in Dehradun on Friday.

Informing about the programme, HESCO president Anil Joshi said, “The delegation talked about the use of gama radiology in extending the shelf life of food items by one month and of lichi by two months. There is tremendous use of radiology in health sector”.

He said, the use of isotope which is present in every drop of water was also discussed. The isotope study can reveal the origin of water whether it is coming from glaciers or other source. It will also indicate age of water and the arsenic level in it. Another benefit would be the knowledge of location of aquifers which are being recharged by the water through this isotope study. This study will thus help in recharging of dry springs which is quite relevant for Uttarakhand.

The issue of forest fire, which has been a huge challenge for the state government, was also deliberated. According to Joshi, the scientists talked of coming up with model with which carbon monoxide and oxide present in carbon residue in the aftermath of fire will be put to good use in near future.

In order to contain forest fire, the delegation suggested to create water bodies in chir pine forest in order to create humidity in the soil and in surrounding. The moisture will also help in growth of other green plants well as recharge ground water. Both these aspects will reduce the dryness in the soil which will act as deterrent for forest fire.

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