Large Wildfire Rages Near Bulgaria’s Harmanli

 Large Wildfire Rages Near Bulgaria’s Harmanli

04 September 2016

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Bulgaria —  A large wildfire is raging between the villages of Rogozinovo, Dositeevo, Kolarovo and Balgarin in the southern Bulgarian municipality of Harmanli on Sunday.

Ten firefighter crews, five teams of foresters and many volunteers are trying to extinguish the fire which has engulfed vineyards, orchards, pastures, bushes and a pine forest.

A Mi-17 helicopter of the Bulgarian Air Force has been deployed from Krumovo air base to assist in extinguishing the fire.

The mayor of Dositeevo has been admitted to hospital having suffered heavy burn injuries.

According to initial information, the fire started from a pasture maintained by the mayor. It is possible that he attempted to extinguish the fire on his own. The exact causes of the fire are being investigated.

This comes only several hours after a large wildfire in the nearby municipality of Galabovo was extinguished after having raged for three days.

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