Minister urges vigilance in fighting veld fires

 Minister urges vigilance in fighting veld fires

01 August 2016

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Zimbabwe — Addressing a veld fire management meeting at Domborutinhira Secondary School in Mutasa district, Manicaland, last Friday, Muchinguri urged farmers to strengthen the use of fire guards, saying last year alone, veld fires destroyed one-and-a-half million hectares of forest reserves.

“The end of July marks the beginning of the fire season and the dangers of veld fires to life and property are, thus, imminent. Over the years, veld fires have destroyed our country and it is sad to note that 88 people lost their lives since 2009,” she said.

“In this regard, I urge all the farmers to apply the lessons and techniques learnt in your areas to protect our environment and resources from veld fires. This is the time to ensure
that you construct nine-metre-wide fire guards on either side of a common boundary line, making a total of 18 metres to safeguard your farms and properties.”

She also urged villagers to undertake hay baling and harvest grass for commercial purposes.

“We need to take advantage of and benefit from the tall grass in our region by undertaking hay baling and harvesting thatch grass for commercial purposes. There is an abundant market for hay bales and thatch grass in countries such as China, thus people can earn a living from natural resources.”

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