Chinese Conglomerate Huawei Partners with HealthWay to Provide Clean Air at Malaysian Headquarters

 Chinese Conglomerate Huawei Partners with HealthWay to Provide Clean Air at Malaysian Headquarters

29 July 2016

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Malaysia —   Air Quality in Malaysia can reach threatening levels and with the haze season fast approaching many organizations and global companies are focusing on how to improve the working environment for their most valued assets, their employees. Haze is an annual problem during drier summer months when monsoon winds blow smoke from fires mostly on the huge Indonesian Island of Sumatra, which lies across the Malacca Strait from Malaysia and Singapore. The air pollution index measures pollutant levels from 0 to over 300 from good to worse. During the peak of haze season Malay’s can see areas of their country recording over 300 which is listed as hazardous. These levels of pollution not only impact people suffering from respiratory conditions but threaten the very livelihood of the healthiest human beings. Poor air quality has been linked to everything from Allergies and Asthma to stroke and cancer. Ultra-fine particles those below .3 micron have actually been proven to reduce blood flow in the bloodstream increasing the chance of cardiovascular disease. A recent study concluded that when air cleaners were used blood flow was increased.

Huawei, the conglomerate known as the “Apple” of Asia has partnered with Central New York based HealthWay a Global leading provider of air cleaning equipment to help bring some relief to their employees. HealthWay will provide 36 better than HEPA air cleaning systems utilizing revolutionary and patented disinfecting filtration technology. Yinyin Blodgett who runs Asian Operations for HealthWay stated, “We are grateful to have been selected to provide our air cleaning equipment to such a prominent Global company like Huawei.”

HealthWay Air Cleaners with DFS technology have been independently proven to achieve 99.99% efficiency at .007 micron. That is 40x the efficiency of a traditional HEPA filtration, what most hospitals use to filter air in clean rooms and 100X smaller than the tip of a human hair. Recent studies indicate that it is these ultra-fine particle that reek the most havoc on the immune system and can cause disease. Mrs. Blodgett also stated, “We understand air quality problems come in all sizes, that’s why we have a product line capable of addressing any size indoor environment from a small bedroom to a complete hospital.” HealthWay undertook a recent project in China where systems where custom built to deal with Toluene a harsh Volatile Organic Compound. Pre testing showed harmful levels in the environment. Testing after installation showed no trace of Toluene in the environment, testing is done every three months, 6 months in, there are still no traceable levels. Blodgett points to this as what the company prides itself on. “We provide true solutions to the very serious problem of air pollution, in this case we designed a 75 pound VOC cartridge to be adapted to our inline DFS filtration system and showed the customer the tangible results.”

HealthWay has the widest range of high efficiency air cleaners in the industry. From fully integrated HVAC systems to small bedroom units. HealthWay air purifiers can be found at some of the most prestigious locations in the world from BMW Corporate in China, The Cleveland Clinic, The United Nations, VW, Crystal Cruises, 911 call centers, Harvard University and hundreds of four and five star hotels across the globe, as the official air cleaner of the award winning and patented PURE Allergy Friendly Room program.

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