Gas prices increase as Canada wildfires rage

Gas prices increase as Canada wildfires rage

18 May 2016

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USA / Canada — MIAMI VALLEY — Gas prices are climbing throughout the area as the price of crude oil increases due to the wildfires in Canada.

Several stations throughout the area were selling gas as high as $2.45 per gallon Wednesday morning, according to Gas was selling at an average of $2.41 per gallon in the area around midday Wednesday, with prices rising.

There were stations throughout the area still selling gas for $2.09 to $2.19.

“It takes gas to make the money,” said Ken Wintermute, a landscaper for the last 20-plus years. “It is what it is. You have to take the cost to do the job.”

Wintermute has a large truck, three mowers, weed whackers and blowers. He said it takes $80 to $90 every other day to fill up.

According to AAA, the Canada wildfires have been burning in an area that’s rich in oil sands and there has been a significant decline in production.

The U.S. has relied more on Canadian crude imports in recent years, and production decline has impacted the regional cost of oil and lead to more expensive gas in the Midwest.

AAA says drivers could see a 2016 high within the next few days. The price is currently down 40 cents from this date last year.

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News Center 7’s Adam Marshall will have more on this story starting at 5 p.m. today.

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