Forest Fires Contribute to Contamination in Mexican Capital

Forest Fires Contribute to Contamination in Mexican Capital

24 April 2016

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Mexico– The bad air quality in Mexico City is also caused by forest fires, according to a report by the National Civil Protection System (SPC).

Between January 1st and April 9, SPC reported that 1,287 hectares of woods in Mexico City were consumed by fires caused by accidents or negligence.

However, 12 days after that number of hectares were affected by fire, the figure increased to 1,416 hectares, despite widespread rainy weather.

Only in one week, on April 15-21, 60 accidents happened in this city, in around 85.9 hectares of forests that were consumed or burned partially, according to the weekly report issued by the National Forestry Commission.

Forest fires, in addition to affecting water recovery areas, damaging the soil and finishing oxygen sources, also contribute to increase rates of environmental pollutants, according to studies conducted by the Center of Sciences of the Atmosphere at the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

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