EU programme teaches how to prevent forest fires

EU programme teaches how to prevent forest fires

09 March 2016

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Armenia — The EU-funded Forest Law Enforcement and Governance Programme, FLEG II, presented interactive materials for children and adults on fire prevention that will be placed at picnic and camping sites in Armenian forests. The new publications include a colourful leaflet on forest fire prevention and control; a calendar describing issues, problems and concerns related to sustainable forest management, protection and fire prevention; a leaflet-origami, specially designed for children.

In addition to the above mentioned products, FLEG II also developed banners on fire prevention. They will be placed near forests, close to recreation and picnic zones that will become lively very soon as the spring comes to the country. According to FLEG II, over 80% of forest fires are caused by humans. The presented publications teach adults and children how to prevent forest fires and manage forests sustainably.

The EUR 9 million FLEG II programme aims to improve forest law enforcement in seven countries including Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine. It carries out pilot projects and addresses forest fire and climate issues, building upon the achievements of its predecessor, the FLEG I programme.
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