Wildfire ravages southwest CAR

Wildfire ravages southwest CAR

25 February 2016

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Central African Republic– A particularly vicious wildfire the cause of which is not yet officially known, has been ravaging the southwest of the Central African Republic since Tuesday.An assessment of the sinister inferno paints a catastrophic picture for farmers and conservationists.

The fire destroyed swathes of coffee, cassava and banana plantations and other plots used to grow food in the city of Mbaà ki and surrounding villages located over 120 km from Bangui.

Roger Okwapenguia, the mayor of Pissa (75 km from Bangui) was on national radio, requesting help from the authorities as the wildfire risks worsening the food crisis plaguing the locality.

Environmental activists are also reeling from a sense of desperation after the fire destroyed protected forest species, encroaching on the big trees which timber companies are exploiting.

The origin of the bushfire is not yet known, although some peasants point an accusing finger at some hunters who used bonfires to ensnare animals in their hunting trail.

This hunting method still practiced has been outlawed thanks to its injurious impact on nature.

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