Two Boy Scouts Save Their Neighborhood From A Grass Fire

Two Boy Scouts Save Their Neighborhood From A Grass Fire

29 July 2015

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USA–  OK- A grass fire in Ardmore was quickly put out Monday afternoon, thanks to the quick thinking of two young boys.

Meet 11-year old Trayven Newberry, a Boy Scout and his 7-year old brother Lyndon Newberry a Cub Scout.

Both boys have a passion for sports, and for helping people.

“They are good boys, I’m very proud of them; they take responsibility pretty good,” said the boys grandfather, Larry Wright.

Wright can’t help but beam with delight, proud of his two grandsons who decided to put out a small grass fire started on an empty lot in their Ardmore neighborhood.

“As we were coming down Lake Murray Drive, my oldest grandson he looked up and saw the grass blazing,” said Wright.

That is when Trayven and his younger brother Lyndon decided to jump into action, ready to utilize their acquired Boy Scout skill, of being of service to others.

“It could have gotten bad, and spread over to other people’s houses,” said Trayven.

Alongside their grandpa, the two boys gathered water from a nearby water hose into a small ice box they had, and doused the fire out.

“It was really scary because of all the smoke coming to your face and you really couldn’t see that much,” said Trayven.

Neighbor, Melissa Davis whose house was on the same lot as the grass fire, said if it were not for the boys quick thinking things could have been much worse.

“Mrs. Gordon could have lost her house, the gas thing could have exploded, and it could have spread up to my house,” said Davis.

Davis made a call to 911 afterwards, and soon the Ardmore Fire Department showed up, much to the boys delight.

“It was fun because they let us use their fire hose and spray the fire too,” said Trayven.

Thanks to the firefighters, the boys became firemen for a day.

“I was having fun, I was scared, and I was excited,” said Lyndon.

The fire was quickly put out and no homes were damaged.

Davis said in her eyes the two Boy Scouts are heroes, and their generous actions touched her heart.

“You know not everybody around here is going to stop for a fire, some would have let it go,” said Davis.

After becoming a fireman for a day, Trayven said he is now inspired to be a fireman.

As for Lyndon, he was just excited to test out the fire hose.ditions.

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