Amazon Forest Fire Displaces 12,000 Indigenous People 

Amazon Forest Fire Displaces 12,000 Indigenous People 

01 November 2015

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Brazil–  A forest fire has ravaged through the Arariboia reserve, in the Maranhao state of the Amazon rainforest, Brazil.

The fire, which has displaced some 12,000 people from their reserves, was started over a month ago, with officials putting the blame on loggers and farmers intent on exploiting the natural resources in the region.

The military has been assisting local firefighters tackling the blaze, in which heavy rains have also played a helpful part.

At threat are a vulnerable group of deeply independent tribes-people, the Awa-Guaja, who live in isolation miles from any other civilisation. Firefighting efforts have been focussed on ensuring their safety.

Forest fires are becoming endemic in the Amazon as commercial interests encroach on local populus who insist on remaining in their homelands.

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