Depressed the fire at the foot of Olympus

Depressed the fire at the foot of Olympus

31 July 2015

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Greece —   A recession is the fire that broke out at the foot of Olympus, northeast of Nei Pori in Pieria, in the municipality of Dion Olympus.

The fire, as reported by officers of the Fire, speaking to ANA-MPA, was rampant, and so far burned about 100 acres of pasture and woodland (black pine, beech, holly).

In the extinguishing participated four aerial firefighting aircraft Canadair type, and a helicopter while ground 12 firefighters to six vehicles and 46 people hiker section. Now contributed two water vehicles of local government.

The work of ground fighting forces complicate the inaccessible area as the soil call the point rising to 70-80%.

The hiker section will continue to operate in the area overnight.

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