NRCT strikes deal on haze reduction in northern region

NRCT strikes deal on haze reduction in northern region

14 July 2015

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Thailand–The National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT) has made an agreement with the 3rd Army Area on a cooperative effort to reduce haze disasters caused by burnings in the northern region.

The NRCT Secretary-General Soottiporn Chittmittrapap has revealed that the NRCT has joined hands with the 3rd Army Area to solve the air pollution issue, caused by burnings at farmlands and wildfires in the northern region of Thailand. These fire incidents have been causing increasingly severe pollution issues in the area.

He has said that both parties will work to utilize their combined knowledge in agriculture to the areas in the 17 provinces in the northern region, where there have been numerous haze disasters. Farmers will be encouraged to cultivate their combined farms to help reduce burning activities.

The two agencies will also act as a cooperative entity with the government, private, and local agencies through the Internal Security Operations Command, and act to support farmers in terms of tools and the application of innovative research findings.

The NRCT Secretary-General added that this campaign also aims to help solve respiratory health problems the local people are experiencing, and to further stimulate tourism in the area.

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