Mourning the death of a hero

Mourning the death of a hero

28 March 2015

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USA — A former Marshfield Fire Chief will be laid to rest on Wednesday.

Ed Noland will be honored as a firefighter who fell in the line of duty, although the injury that led to his death happened more than 3 years ago.

“He was the most courageous man I ever met,” says Eric Loe, Noland’s son.

Marshfield Fire Chief Michael Taylor says the whole community is mourning Noland’s death.

“He’s going to be missed by everybody, it’s going to be a void that cannot be filled,” says Taylor.

The Volunteer Deputy Fire Chief also served as an army medic, a city alderman, and an EMT paramedic.

“He did not let calls go unanswered, it was often joked that he had to sleep in his clothes and with his radio because he was so quick on the jump for a call,” says Taylor.

Eric Loe remembers his father as a hero.

“He was a great man, taught me a lot of life values that I’m going to instill in my boys you know,” says Loe.

On New Years Eve 2011, Noland was fighting a brush fire when a large branch fell on his head, giving him a traumatic brain injury.

The left side of Noland’s body was paralyzed and there were other health complications.

On Friday morning Noland was at home when those complications ended his life.

“His goal in life was to help other people and he did it well,” remembers Loe.

KY3 spoke with Ed Noland in 2012 when he returned to the fire department after more than two months in the hospital.

“Ever since I was a little kid I wanted to be a fireman,” Noland told KY3 at the time.

He was given a Medal of Honor by the Marshfield Fire Protection District and a First Responder Award from the Military Order of the Purple Heart for being injured in the line of duty, but Ed was humble about the recognition.

“I don’t feel like a hero just doing my job and was in the wrong place at the wrong time,” said Noland.

Noland continued to serve administrative duties at the Marshfield Fire Department until about a month ago. Now his chair is empty, but the fire station is filled by his memory.

“One of his famous lines was ‘Don’t let the excuses get in the way of your mission,’ and that’s what he told the cadets on a daily basis,” says Loe.

On Wednesday Ed Noland will be laid to rest as a fire fighter killed in the line of duty.

“He has a lot of love from a lot of people, he’ll leave a legacy within this fire department and within the community and our family,” says Loe.

Services will be held at 10 o’clock on Wednesday morning at Saint Paul Lutheran Church in Marshfield.

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