Air Force sends plane to fight haze in Chiang Mai

Air Force sends plane to fight haze in Chiang Mai

06 March 2015

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Thailand — As hazy sky from forest fires in the North remains a concern, today the Royal Thai Air Force sent a plane to spray water to reduce the haze in Chiang Mai.

The use of aircraft to reduce hazy sky was in respond to request by the Chiang Mai governor following the continual haze that is blanketing the North.

Air Force Commander-in-Chief ACM Tritos Sonjang said he has ordered the Air Force Disaster Relief Centre to despatch a BT-67 plane from the 46th Wing based in Phitsanulok to fly to the 41st Wing in Chiang Mai to support local authorities to fight the haze yesterday.

The plane began operation today in areas around Chiang Mai town.

The plane will fly four missions a day with each mission carrying 3,000 litres of water to spray.

The mission begins today until March 31 and is expected to reduce the hazy atmosphere in Chiang Mai and adjacent areas.

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