Queensland Bushfire Attack Level Assessments

Queensland Bushfire Attack Level Assessments

23 September 2014

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Australia — Queensland Ecologists today officially launched a new range of bushfire services across Queensland aimed at giving land owners and developers confidence with their compliance obligations and maintaining a safe living environment across Queensland.

Bushfire Attack Level Assessments or BAL Assessments are required to determine what level of construction is required by law (Australian Standards AS3959).

The results of these assessments can be used to determine the level of construction required under the Australian Standard. This can impact construction material selection, design, clearing distances all the way through to the location of the construction.

Queensland Ecologists provide a cost efficient solution which generally includes an onsite visit giving confidence in the assessment and addressing any concerns that may be raised.

To find out more check out Queensland Ecologists Bushfire Attack Level Assessment link: www.queenslandecologists.com.au/bushfire-attack-level-bal-assessments/

Queensland Ecologists HQ phone: +61 7 3018 7538

General inquiries: info@queenslandecologists.com.au

Brisbane ecology enquiries: brisbane@queenslandecologists.com.au
Gold Coast ecology enquiries: goldcoast@queenslandecologists.com.au
Sunshine Coast ecology enquiries: sunshine@queenslandecologists.com.au
North Queensland ecology enquiries: northqueensland@queenslandecologists.com.au

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