Texas Brush Fire Sparks Massive Junkyard Blaze

Texas Brush Fire Sparks Massive Junkyard Blaze

09 August 2014

published by www.autoevolution.com

USA — To automotive enthusiasts (or do-it-yourself mechanics), junkyards are exciting places that can combine the thrills of hunting and the satisfaction of auto repair into a single location. On the other hand, unfortunately, these lots are essentially acres of land littered with decaying automobiles, whcih can be a dangerous powder keg if an ignition source is introduced.

And that’s just what happened in Kennedale, TX yesterday when a brush fire got out of control and made its way onto the junkyard property. According to the report, the junkyard sits on the border of Arlington, TX, and the massive blaze is being attributed to dry vegetation and strong winds. Although there is no word as to how the wild fire began in the first place, it is instantly clear that the recent droughts in the area have left the surrounding brush dangerously dry allowing the flames to spread rapidly to the vehicles, which are all in close proximity.

Making matters worse, the flammable liquids (like gasoline and oil) and all of the vehicle components (tires, plastic trim, seat fabric, etc) have resulted in thick black smoke rising from the lot. It doesn’t appear that any homes were in immediate danger of the fire, but the smoke can be seen from the helicopter vantage point spreading to surrounding areas. These burning materials can create a potentially toxic smoke.

The news report video shows firefighters watering down surrounding vehicles and vegetation in hopes of controlling the blaze, but there are no further reports as to how long it took to contain or how many cars were consumed by the fire.


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