Forest Fire in Cuban Province Under Control

Forest Fire in Cuban Province Under Control

07 May 2014

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Cuba — For the fifth consecutive day, wood rangers and forest workers are trying to completely extinguish a fire of great proportions emerged in a mountain area of San Juan y Martinez, a municipality of the Cuban southwest.
Under control and with less intensity, the fire was concentrated Wednesday on Loma de la Paciencia, a depopulated perimeter covered by pine trees, some of them over two decades of life, told experts to Prensa Latina.

After putting off two front walls of the fire, the firefighting and security labour is maintained in places that belongs to the Campo Hermoso Popular Council.

Preliminary estimates said that the flames spread over 300 hectares (741.3 acres) of forest.

Up to now no community is endangered any community. Neither the protected area, nor the tobacco production area -170 km from Havana- famous because of the excellence of its tobacco fields.

The short-fire trails conducted with mechanized means managed to corral the fire and prevent its spread, initially fueled by dry conditions, high temperatures and wind speed.

The fire started on Saturday in a placew between rivers Caleyes and Ratones and rivers in the region abruptly named San Simon de las Cuchillas, where the absence of roads hindered the work of wood rangers and forest workers.

Specialized groups are still investigating the causes of the fire.

San Juan y Martinez is one of the biggest tobbaco harvesters in Pianr del Rio, Cuba, and gives considerable amounts of raw material to elaborate famous Habano Cigars.

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