Wildfires leave trails of destruction

Wildfires leave trails of destruction

23 April 2014

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Nepal — Wildfires in different community forests has hit life hard in Jugada, Budhiganga, Kolti, Martadi and Bandhu in Bajura.

Fire in Ghatal Community Forest has destroyed Jugada VDC completely. The wildfire is yet to be brought under control in Salyan, Ghatal, Bhatikuto, and Darimpani.

Sher Bahadur Sahi chairman of Ghatal Community Forest consumer committee said not only has the forest been destroyed, but the environment has also been affected.

Consumers had set the fire to ensure better growth of grass in the forest. Acting officer Ramautar Chaudhary of district forest office said consumers themselves have been destroying the forest though different awareness programmes have been launched.

Almost 48 per cent of the total land is covered by forest in the district where 15,809 hectare is covered by community forest. Different rare wild animals and medicinal herbs in the forest have been destroyed.

Meanwhile, wildfires in the forests of Khotang are yet to be brought under control. The forest at Dikuwa VDC has been ablaze since last night.

Houses belonging to Bhairab Bahadur Magar, Megh Bahadur Magar and Dal Bahadur Pariyar of Dikuwa VDC were gutted after the forest fire reached their settlements. According to police, the families lost properly worth Rs 20 lakh in the blaze.

Electricity supply has been halted after fire spread at Bhirgaun Community Forest in Makpa VDC and destroyed the wire of the peltric set. This has disrupted the supply of electricity in wards 7 and 8 of the VDC.

Wildfire has also destroyed drinking water pipes that supplied water to wards 7 and 8 of the VDC. f

Another fire at Simpani and Banspani VDCs of the district has destroyed wood and medicinal herbs worth millions in the forest.

10 houses, cowsheds gutted

KAPILVASTU: Property worth millions was destroyed in different fire incidents in Kapilvastu on Wednesday. Fire broke out at six places, including Tilaurakot Cooperative Forest, Gautam Budhha Forest and Mayadevi Forest. Three houses were reduced to ashes at Harnampur. Seven houses at Khutaniya and ten cowsheds at Gugauli Maranghat were gutted. The district has only one fire engine, not enough to put out blazes in six places. Jay Prakash Pandey, Chairman of Tilaurakot Forest, said locals were also fighting the fire.

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